Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's the opposite of Uber-Productive?

Okay, so much for being on a roll...I haven't done anything crafty this week! :( Well...we did make a yummy dinner the other night, does that count? See yummy:

mmm...biscuit bowls. :) by you.
It was a rotisserie chicken from the store all shredded up and mixed with rice, cheese sauce and cream of mushroom & chicken soup and some milk. Then we baked some biscuits upside down on a muffin pan to make the "bowl", dump the food in, sprinkle cheese on top, melt and tada! Tasty chicken bowl! :)
Cheesy Chicken n Rice in a biscuit bowl...tasty!! by you.
We are now fascinated with biscuit bowls and plan on making several variations: breakfast bowls with sausage/bacon and egg, italian bowls with spaghetti or lasagna, winter bowls with roast, upside down chicken pot pie, bologna (heh, I almost spelled it baloney) bowls...okay maybe not that last one.

And we also found a big bag o' ponies at the thrift store:
Big bag o' ponies by you.
There were 23 total, here they are all hanging on Ally's desk (which looks extremely busy and crowded at the moment!!)
They have since had a bath and a comb out and look very loverly now. The Cakes
are going to have a big stampede ride later this weekend! lol...

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  1. mmm... anything with melted cheese on it is yummy.