Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chillin' with my Gnomeys...cupcakes

Probably my favorite food craft that we've done...not that we've done that many! :) We made these for Penny's 50th birthday and took them up to her work at lunchtime. They were a huge hit!! We had gotten her some little gnomes for her patio and decided to put those in the middle of the plate. We had to use our huge pizza pan because nothing else was big enough!

We just made regular chocolate cupcakes and then iced them to look like mushrooms (I hope!) and used white chocolate kisses for the dots. We made 3 different sizes: huge, normal and teeny-tiny. I liked the teeny-tiny the best...just pop 'em in your mouth! :)
We had extra room, so just threw the rest of the kisses around the edges.

Closeup of the center...gnomey goodness...

And when it was all ready, we put a plastic lid over that we had to go search for specially, and decorated with ivy around the edges...and there you have it, a gnomey garden!! Everyone went crazy over them and of course, Penny loved them!

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