Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's the opposite of Uber-Productive?

Okay, so much for being on a roll...I haven't done anything crafty this week! :( Well...we did make a yummy dinner the other night, does that count? See yummy:

mmm...biscuit bowls. :) by you.
It was a rotisserie chicken from the store all shredded up and mixed with rice, cheese sauce and cream of mushroom & chicken soup and some milk. Then we baked some biscuits upside down on a muffin pan to make the "bowl", dump the food in, sprinkle cheese on top, melt and tada! Tasty chicken bowl! :)
Cheesy Chicken n Rice in a biscuit bowl...tasty!! by you.
We are now fascinated with biscuit bowls and plan on making several variations: breakfast bowls with sausage/bacon and egg, italian bowls with spaghetti or lasagna, winter bowls with roast, upside down chicken pot pie, bologna (heh, I almost spelled it baloney) bowls...okay maybe not that last one.

And we also found a big bag o' ponies at the thrift store:
Big bag o' ponies by you.
There were 23 total, here they are all hanging on Ally's desk (which looks extremely busy and crowded at the moment!!)
They have since had a bath and a comb out and look very loverly now. The Cakes
are going to have a big stampede ride later this weekend! lol...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ally!!!

Today is Ally's birthday!! She's as old as movies!! haha...okay just Cinemark. =)

When she was born, I wanted to name her Football... alas, it did not stick.

Happy Birthday Ally!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Okay, be warned right now...there are spoilers in this post!! So if you haven't read the books or want to form your own opinion about the movie: STOP RIGHT HERE!! Okay? Good.

My overall opinion was that it was great. I don't know if I could ever say that a Harry Potter movie was bad, I just love them so much. I wouldn't say this was my favorite, but I really need to see it more than once to catch everything I missed and decide on that. I had been rereading the books like I always do each summer (does anyone else do that? It just feels right) and was hoping I'd make it thru book 6 before the movie, but I didn't...I'm only on the end of book 5. That might be a good thing though, because I don't remember every thing that they skipped or messed up at the moment.

From the very beginning I felt it was odd...I liked the little train station scene but didn't feel it was really right. It's supposed to open with a scene at the Dursleys each book and we never even got to see Dudley!! I love the Burrow, so any extra scenes there are great in my opinion. However, the whole Deatheater/fire thing was completely dumb and a waste of time. What was the point?? All it did was show Helena Bonham Carter's pregnant belly! ;)

I thought Draco's character was very well could feel the panic and hysteria building up in him throughout. And I loved his suits...even though in the books they are almost never out of their wizard robes. It really made you feel sorry for him (and his mom) that he had such a gawd-awful dad.

Ron's love triangle with Lavender, Hermione and Rimelda (sp?) was great...he does some wonderful facial expressions esp. when he takes the love potion. When he was sitting staring at the moon and asked Harry if he could introduce Ron to Rimelda that was so funny/cute.

The part where Harry takes the Felix Felices (is that right? the Good Luck charm) was probably my favorite part of the movie. He was just so funny when he was copying Slughorn and sitting in Hagrid's cabin (did anyone else notice that Hagrid seemed to have grown in this movie?? And his furniture too? Harry's feet were dangling in the chair!)

I did not like the younger Tom Riddles at all...they weren't creepy enough and the older one, while he did look like the younger boy in this movie, looked nothing like the Tom Riddle we saw in the previous movie(s). I had read somewhere that that boy was too old now, but surely they could have found someone closer to him??

The ending...ugh. I did not like it at all. Even my sister, who hasn't read any of the books, felt like it wasn't right. They were just like "oh, Dumbledore's dead? Okay, guess I'll have to kill Old Voldy by myself then". It was supposed to be a horrible shock and so sad for everyone that this great wizard was suddenly dead. And they really should have shown his funeral. It didn't feel sad to me at all. Hermione was the only one who actually shed some tears...haven't these actors ever heard of eye drops?

Anyway, that's what I think. So there you have it. =) So...when does the next one come out? lol.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter!!

Tonight at 7:00 I get to see the new Harry Potter!! Yay yay yay!! I'm excited. :) Our stepmom works for Cinemark and we get to see the early showing for free. So...I thought I'd feature some very cool HP items I found over on Etsy.

First up are two Snitch for kitty cats by GEEkitty that I *know* our cats would go crazy over and a lovely necklace by Trophies
Golden Snitch Toy - for the Seeker cat Hermione's Snitch Necklace

And how about this awesome Snape keychain by MoonInACup??? I love Snape...especially the "Turn to page 394" charm. haha!!
Handmade <span class=
Also by MoonInACup is this Luna Lovegood charm bracelet...who doesn't love Luna?! She's so kooky. And has awesome hair in the movies
Handmade Luna Charm Bracelet Harry Potter Inspired

Okay, I think these are just ingenious...Harry Potter Lego Earrings by CosmicFunPalace
Harry Potter Lego earrings

And if you can't make up your mind who's side you're on or which Weasley brother you love more, you can get a mixture of buttons by GetYourButtons My favorite is the "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and the book covers.
Harry Potter Buttons - You Pick ANY 6 for 5 Dollars - CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE

Hopefully this will tide you over till you get to go see the movie...I'll be back tomorrow and share my thoughts on it!! Woo!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I know what boys like...

I was extremely productive this weekend. =) I haven't been this crafty in a long time and it's been really nice...I hope it continues! Maybe it's cause it's so stinking hot outside I don't want to leave all weekend!

Anyway, first I finished the rest of the "Boy" Cards...I like them a lot. I think I've decided to do each 2 by themselves as a listing.
Aaaarrr....ahoy matey, you be a scurvy pirate...etc...
Cowboy up and all that stuff...yes I am from Texas and no I do not ride a horse to work nor do I own a cowboy hat or boots. Sorry to disappoint you.

Superguy!! Hah!! He's my strong, so powerful, so generic. CLANG!!!

Here's the whole set all together. Bueno si? Si bueno. ;0)

"Boy" Cards by you.

And then, I decided to finally make this necklace that I've been gathering stuff for for like a year. I found this one pendant at Joann's over a year ago and it immediately screamed "Delirium" at me. Neil Gaiman's Delirium to be more exact. She has always been my favorite, I even dressed my Blythe doll, Ramona as her for Halloween! :)

I had these lovely butterfly sequins and then just started gathering beads and such as I found them. I had planned on doing it on one solid chain, but then yesterday we went to Michael's and I was inspired by one of the sample necklaces they had and decided to do some beads in between the chain...then I took it one step further and got out all the bits of chain we had left and pieced them together! I think it brings the whole Delirium "I'm crazy" thing together don't you?

I'm wearing it today with a really simple pink dress and I am so happy with it! I don't know that I've ever actually made a necklace specifically for me and not to sell. That being said, I do have one more pendant (was going to buy more, but they discontinued them! boo!!) and I might make another one to sell. I haven't decided yet though.
Delirium Inspired Necklace by you.
Delirium by you.

So, after I finished that, I was on a roll and made these 6 necklaces. Yep, 6! They are really simple, but I am loving the swirly circles! The key in the first picture is made by the amazingly talented PorkChopShow over on Etsy. And darn it, I should not have gone over there, because now I want those Vintage Gears & Pulleys!! And I adore the Onyx baubles and heart on the bottom two...they are on gunmetal chains as opposed to the bright silver of the rest. (Speaking of you know how freaking hard it is to find gunmetal chain and closures??? Or anything not bright silver or bright gold?? So annoying!)

New necklaces by you.

Okay, I am about tired of typing now and you can see I have been uber-productive. ;) Maybe I should go be productive at my day job for a while!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Allllll byyyyy mysellllfff.... mom and sister don't seem as interested in doing the blog thing as they were in the beginning, which is okay. I am going to try to keep going on my own at least 1-2 times a week. (Or twice in one day like today! woo!) It may not happen, but we will see. And hopefully they will get more into it and start posting again. Until then, you're stuck with me!!

"All About Boys"?

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a paper-aholic. There, all better! So, we were at Joann's last weekend...darn 4th of July specials...and I had my allowance burning a hole in my pocket (we are trying the allowance thing to chill on our spending habits, seems to be working!) and I found this cute little paper pack called "All About Boys".
Well, first of all, I flipped thru it and didn't feel that it had to be specifically FOR BOYS. But that's probably a whole 'nother post right? ;) Anyway, second, I really liked I showed it to Ally and she was like, "Oooh robots! Oooh spaceships. Oooooh...circus!! Pirates!" Yeah, so I had to get it. And I have been looking for some paper that could be more for boys, instead of all fairies and candies and flowers.

So I decided to make some new cards and here they are... here's the debate: Do lasers make a Pew Pew sound or Bew Bew? Or if you're a Star Wars freak (not that there's anything wrong with that =0) woosh?

Robots...and lightbulbs? Sure!! I love the words on the paper: "Sounds, Memory, Wheels, Metal, Fix" lol...what's wrong with just Beep Bop Boop? Eh, I like it still.

Efalants and woozles!! Oh no wait, just efalants. Parts of the paper are shiny and feely, as you can see in this one. I really like that, even if it does make an awful squeaky noise on my papercutter.

I plan on making 2 of the pirates, superguy and maybe undersea creatures too to make a whole set. I think. Or maybe just sell them separately, I don't know! And I shouldn't have kickstarted the whole paper habit thing again, cause now I want this Nana's Kitchen stack! Isn't that the cutest??