Monday, July 13, 2009

I know what boys like...

I was extremely productive this weekend. =) I haven't been this crafty in a long time and it's been really nice...I hope it continues! Maybe it's cause it's so stinking hot outside I don't want to leave all weekend!

Anyway, first I finished the rest of the "Boy" Cards...I like them a lot. I think I've decided to do each 2 by themselves as a listing.
Aaaarrr....ahoy matey, you be a scurvy pirate...etc...
Cowboy up and all that stuff...yes I am from Texas and no I do not ride a horse to work nor do I own a cowboy hat or boots. Sorry to disappoint you.

Superguy!! Hah!! He's my strong, so powerful, so generic. CLANG!!!

Here's the whole set all together. Bueno si? Si bueno. ;0)

"Boy" Cards by you.

And then, I decided to finally make this necklace that I've been gathering stuff for for like a year. I found this one pendant at Joann's over a year ago and it immediately screamed "Delirium" at me. Neil Gaiman's Delirium to be more exact. She has always been my favorite, I even dressed my Blythe doll, Ramona as her for Halloween! :)

I had these lovely butterfly sequins and then just started gathering beads and such as I found them. I had planned on doing it on one solid chain, but then yesterday we went to Michael's and I was inspired by one of the sample necklaces they had and decided to do some beads in between the chain...then I took it one step further and got out all the bits of chain we had left and pieced them together! I think it brings the whole Delirium "I'm crazy" thing together don't you?

I'm wearing it today with a really simple pink dress and I am so happy with it! I don't know that I've ever actually made a necklace specifically for me and not to sell. That being said, I do have one more pendant (was going to buy more, but they discontinued them! boo!!) and I might make another one to sell. I haven't decided yet though.
Delirium Inspired Necklace by you.
Delirium by you.

So, after I finished that, I was on a roll and made these 6 necklaces. Yep, 6! They are really simple, but I am loving the swirly circles! The key in the first picture is made by the amazingly talented PorkChopShow over on Etsy. And darn it, I should not have gone over there, because now I want those Vintage Gears & Pulleys!! And I adore the Onyx baubles and heart on the bottom two...they are on gunmetal chains as opposed to the bright silver of the rest. (Speaking of you know how freaking hard it is to find gunmetal chain and closures??? Or anything not bright silver or bright gold?? So annoying!)

New necklaces by you.

Okay, I am about tired of typing now and you can see I have been uber-productive. ;) Maybe I should go be productive at my day job for a while!!

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