Friday, July 10, 2009

"All About Boys"?

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a paper-aholic. There, all better! So, we were at Joann's last weekend...darn 4th of July specials...and I had my allowance burning a hole in my pocket (we are trying the allowance thing to chill on our spending habits, seems to be working!) and I found this cute little paper pack called "All About Boys".
Well, first of all, I flipped thru it and didn't feel that it had to be specifically FOR BOYS. But that's probably a whole 'nother post right? ;) Anyway, second, I really liked I showed it to Ally and she was like, "Oooh robots! Oooh spaceships. Oooooh...circus!! Pirates!" Yeah, so I had to get it. And I have been looking for some paper that could be more for boys, instead of all fairies and candies and flowers.

So I decided to make some new cards and here they are... here's the debate: Do lasers make a Pew Pew sound or Bew Bew? Or if you're a Star Wars freak (not that there's anything wrong with that =0) woosh?

Robots...and lightbulbs? Sure!! I love the words on the paper: "Sounds, Memory, Wheels, Metal, Fix" lol...what's wrong with just Beep Bop Boop? Eh, I like it still.

Efalants and woozles!! Oh no wait, just efalants. Parts of the paper are shiny and feely, as you can see in this one. I really like that, even if it does make an awful squeaky noise on my papercutter.

I plan on making 2 of the pirates, superguy and maybe undersea creatures too to make a whole set. I think. Or maybe just sell them separately, I don't know! And I shouldn't have kickstarted the whole paper habit thing again, cause now I want this Nana's Kitchen stack! Isn't that the cutest??

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