Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worked on several things...finished none...

Hey I'm Penny, the mom. This is harder than I thought... I worked on several things today and finished none...how's that? Some days are just like that, I suppose and not necessarily a bad thing. There are days that if I only do a few things or part of some things eventually they will come together.
I did sort through my embroidery threads and color coded them, they look so pretty.
I started crocheting a new wash cloth, I bought two new colors of Peaches and Cream cotton thread, I just fell in love with. One's called Orange sherbet, reminds me of a dreamsicle...my favorite...the other is a bright orange called Sunburst..such beautiful colors...I enjoy crocheting it's very relaxing to me.

Everywhere I go I have this zip-lock baggie with a ball of my favorite yarn and my crochet hook in it...whether I'm waiting at doctor's office or riding while my sweetie's driving in traffic...just makes me calm and happy...

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