Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a paper girl...

Hi, it's Jenn!! I wanted to post a few of my favorite things and projects...I am more of a paper girl; I don't sew, nor do I really wish to learn how. I do like fabric, but am not nearly as obsessed by it as my mom and sister. You should see the hordes of fabric they have!! It's ca-razy. But, I guess the same could be said for my paper supplies. :) I make a lot of cards and bookmarks, I've done ATC swaps before and made journals, tried doing scrapbooking and didn't quite finish it (although I got pretty close!). Pretty much whatever you can think to do with paper, I've done.
This is probably my favorite set I've done, the fairytale cards. The paper just makes me so happy, especially the fairy one. It's got bits of glitter in the paper so it shimmers when you turn it and I decorated them with ribbon and fancy-schmancy buttons. Love!

This is the first set of ATC's I ever Mod Squad. lol...and they are probably my favorite too. I should have saved one for myself. I used paper and stickers and raised epoxy stickers...and bath bubble things. Yep, the blue and green dots are bath bubbles. I got them in a supply swap once and for some weird reason decided to glue them on some paper and see what happened. They didn't disentegrate and stayed put, so I started using them! And they smell pretty too. :)
After paper crafts, I'd say jewelry making is my passion. I mostly make necklaces and tend to lean towards long, dangly, "charm" necklaces. I *love*love*love* keys, skeleton mostly but any will do, and use them on nearly every piece. If you have spare keys just hanging around, send them my way!!
This necklace was started with the flowery ring I found in an antique store...I cut the back off and turned it into a necklace brooch. All the keys are vintage too and I then added some updated embellishments. My aunt actually bought this one and if she hadn't, I probably would have kept it!! (Even though I don't wear gold!)
This is one of the more modern pieces, again using keys, and my second favorite material, those dangly baubles. So shiny, so pretty, so already put together!! lol...

So there you have it...some of my favorite things. :)

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